Chiropractic For Work Related Injury in Raleigh

Chiropractic care for injuries RaleighSince 1985 injured workers have turned to Johnson Chiropractic, P.C. for fast, drug-free care and lasting results from work injury. Numerous clinical studies have demonstrated the short and long-term benefits to injured workers receiving modern chiropractic care. One of the most important questions an injured worker may ask is, “do I patch my injury with drugs or seek corrective chiropractic care?” Make your decision wisely! You depend on your health to work and provide for your family. You can depend on us to give you honest, ethical advice concerning the best type of care for your injury. If we don’t honestly feel we can help you, we’ll tell you the kind of doctor you need and even help you with the referral.

Your care will include one-on-one time with Raleigh Chiropractor  Dr. Johnson so he can hear directly from you about the type of accident or work-activity that led to or caused your pain problem. A detailed orthopedic, neurologic, and chiropractic examination will follow and any clinically indicated X-rays to help us understand the nature and severity of your injury. Our care involves gentle, modern high-tech, chiropractic care, a physio-therapy department and a supportive healthcare team to get you strong and back on the job.

Please call us now at (919) 876-2212, we’d like to help!

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