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Our patients are and always have been at the heart of our care. Making you feel comfortable, cared for and guiding you to better health is our main focus. We achieve this with our friendly staff, cutting edge technology and 5-star service.

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Patient Centered Health Care Services In Raleigh, NC

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"Treat all patients with kindness, respect, and integrity. Strive to provide the excellent chiropractic care and results patients deserve. Educate patients concerning the numerous benefits of a healthy lifestyle and the continuing opportunity for improved health and vitality through modern chiropractic care. Honor and respect the valuable role all health professionals can have in a patient's life."

- Dr. Chris Johnson

An Experienced Chiropractor in Raleigh, NC Who Believes In You

Thanks for visiting our website! Johnson Chiropractic PC is the premier chiropractor in Raleigh, NC. Your body was designed to be healthy and truthfully with proper care your body has an amazing ability to heal itself. We can make a great team. Health is your body's natural state.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your health care goals. Please contact our chiropractic office at (919) 876-2212. Call us today, We'll see you today!

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What Our Patients Are Saying

Low Back Pain

"Over my long history of low back pain I've tried muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory drugs, and painkillers, basically just trying to mask my pain. Having been under Dr. Johnson's care for a few weeks I am pleased with the results and I've stopped taking drugs. I would recommend anyone with low back pain to give his chiropractic clinic a call." - R.T

Car Accident

"Many people don't get the care they need to recover. My car accident caused neck and low back pain and after two months of pain medication I began to think I would never recover. Dr. Johnson examined me and diagnosed injured ligaments in my spine. His staff are very nice, friendly people that you look forward to seeing. After 6 weeks of care I'm pain free and doing all of the activities I could do before my injury." - S.H.

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  • Peripheral Neuropathy Patients
  • Thyroid Dysfunction Patients
  • Chronic Fatigue Patients
  • Multiple Sclerosis Patients
  • Crohn's Disease Patients
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients

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