Components of Health and Happiness

As a chiropractic physician looking for structural or biomechanical imbalances in my patients is second nature. It is atypical to evaluate any patient and not find imbalances in the body’s skeletal framework but when it comes to meaningful health there are multiple areas that need attention. Nutritional imbalances can be challenging to correct, but essential to health and happiness. The phrase life style is never more meaningful than when it comes to nutrition. Counting calories can be stressful so learn to eat whole foods and you’ll gradually eliminate the bad stuff and your cravings for unhealthy food will diminish. Keep it simple with 60% nonstarchy vegetables, 15% quality proteins, i.e. grass fed meats, organic or pasteurized poultry, wild fish, organic eggs, dairy, nuts and seeds. 20/25% healthy fats, olive oil, coconut oil, avocado, nut butter and pasteurized butter.

Your body is designed “to move”. Don’t underestimate this benefits of multiple periods, even 10 minutes each day of walking or being active. Walk 10 minutes before lunch, walking around as much as possible can even stimulate your brain function. Your body needs motion and the more you get your body in motion the healthier you’ll be. Modern life places many road blocks to motion, but with a little effort you can get your body in motion.

Most Americans are not getting enough sleep. The human body is an amazing system that “must have” adequate sleep. When you chronically deprive your body of restorative sleep your brain can’t remove toxins that are a by product of daily brain function. This is believed to be a risk factor for Alzheimer’s and dementia. If you want to be healthy make regular sleep a lifestyle and please power down screens one or two hours before bed.

Somewhere along the way we’ve lost our way when it comes to “unwinding”. We overload our body’s with an endless stream of information and have bought into a “dangerous lifestyle” of thinking this is normal. It’s not normal, healthy or anything the body can handle and don’t think an occasional vacation or day off will (off set) a lifestyle of sensory overload. I am amazed at the tragic inability of most people to disengage from their phone for exercise or quality time. Find time each day to relax, meditate and learn to breathe slowly and deeply.

It is quite obvious that getting along with our fellow human beings is becoming more challenging. Simple and small gestures of kindness is not only good for humanity but beneficial to one’s own health. Holding a door for a stranger, a kind smile and a genuine compliment or thank you will be well received by those you don’t know as well as those with whom you are close.

Yours in health naturally,


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