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Dr. Chris Johnson

I only utilize extremely safe, drug-free, science based approaches that are time-tested and are currently used by chiropractic physicians as well as progressive medical doctors and other respected health professionals.

I utilize modern diagnostic technology, X-Ray, MRI, CT and blood chemistry (lab testing) to identify root causes of health problems and work to stimulate the body’s natural capacity to heal itself.

I do not use drugs or surgery yet I respect the vital role good medical care can and does play in a patient’s life. I respect all health professionals and choose to judge no one. We simply can not fix every health problem with a prescription drug.

I do not diagnose medical conditions. I will not under any circumstance advise a patient to discontinue or modify any medical care or drug therapy.
This is strictly a matter between you and the prescribing doctor.

Every patient is unique, each body is different! The human body is an integrated network of systems that work together. Serious health problems often have a number of “root causes” that must be identified and require an integrated approach to stimulate healing and maintain wellness.

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