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Fitness related chiropractic services RaleighOur drug-free care is unique! We not only evaluate your area of pain or injury, we take a whole-body approach to your injury helping you achieve more lasting results. Helping you get well fast involves identifying the area of injury or source of your pain and also identifying weaknesses and imbalances that may have contributed to your injury in the first place. Left uncorrected, underlying weaknesses and imbalances in the musculoskeletal system can result in re-injury or even more serious injury.

One commonly overlooked factor in ankle, knee and even low back pain can be foot problems. Especially fallen arches (pes planus). Once identified this is an easy problem to correct with an affordable shoe orthotic. Stabilizing foot bio-mechanics can reduce your risk of future injury and even enhance athletic performance. sports chiropractor raleigh

Is is quite common to see patients with shoulder injury and pain that is connected to spine problems in their neck and upper back. Once identified, this connection can lead to faster recovery and improved long-term wellness.

As a former basketball coach it is fun for me to work with athletes. Patients who enjoy sports and patients who stay active seem to heal faster and have a greater respect for their body’s natural ability to heal itself. They are also less inclined to use drugs and pain pills as a sensible long-term response to health and wellness.sports injury raleigh

We’ve cared for Olympic athletes, professional athletes and lot’s of weekend athletes, so we’d like to help you. Listed below is some medical terminology of conditions and injury, however, we’d like you to know we care for patients, not conditions. It’s a difference that really matters.

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✓    Sprains/ligament injury
✓    Strains/muscle injury
sports injury chiropractic services Raleigh✓    Rotator cuff injury
✓    Disc injury
✓    Shoulder tendinitis
✓    Frozen should (adhesive capsulitis)
✓    Golfer elbow (medial epicondylitis)
✓    Tennis elbow (laterial epicondylitis)
✓    Hamstring strain
✓    Patella tendinitis
✓    ACL injuries
✓    ITB syndrome
✓    Calf strain
✓    Shin Splint
✓    Plantar fasciitis
✓    Musculoskeletal Back/Neck pain

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