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Welcome to Johnson Chiropractic, P.C.

Welcoming you to our chiropractic office in Raleigh is important, very important! A warm, friendly staff is here to help you. Your “PEACE of Mind” matters, your comfort matters and the assurance you’ve made the wise decision matters. You’ll quickly realize that our existing patients are more than just patients, they’re part of our healthcare family. Better health shouldn’t be scary, it should be fun.

P – Professional Care in a friendly office.

E – Experienced Care since 1985.

A – Advanced state of the art care.

C – Committed to continuing Education.

E – Effective, safe care you deserve.

Types of Chiropractic Care in Raleigh

  1. Relief Care… Most patients initially enter our office with a pain problem that needs attention. After obtaining some vital information about you and your health Dr. Johnson will meet with you and determine if proceeding with examination and (X-rays if needed) is appropriate. This will help us determine the best form of care to get you better. If we can’t help you the appropriate referral will be made. With Relief Care the goal is to get you feeling better quickly.
  2. Corrective or Rehabilitative Care… If an underlying structural problem has caused your pain problem or some level of degeneration many patients elect to correct or improve this underlying health problem. Corrective Care involves adjustments, exercise and some physiotherapy to retrain muscles, ligaments and posture to restore mobility and prevent relapses of pain and spine degeneration. Think of this care like orthodontics for your spine, good spine alignment means good pain-free function.
  3. Wellness or Maintenance Care… Once your body has fully healed, patients recognize the benefit of periodic monthly adjustments to maintain alignment, flexibility and good function. Just as with regular dental check-ups, maintenance and prevention pays.

My Personal Commitment to You

Dr. Johnson’s personal commitment to you: “If you are not completely satisfied with your initial office visit,(including exam/x-ray) simply tell our front desk that day and there will be no fee to you or any insurance company, period!”

Take action now and start enjoying life!

At our chiropractic office in Raleigh, you’ll find an experienced patient-friendly staff with kind, caring hearts. Some might call it old-fashioned, but it’s simply treating our patients the way we’d all like to be cared for; with kindness, respect, and concern. Our staff has a combined 47 years experience in health care, and is up to date in the latest health care advances.


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