Raleigh Chiropractic for Nerve Pain

Nerve Pain…….. Identifying it’s Cause Can Lead to Fast Relief!

Raleigh Chiropractic for Nerve PainNerve pain can severely limit any adults ability to function and enjoy life. The causes of nerve pain are varied yet most nerve pain problems are either nerve compression or nerve irritation in nature.

Nerve Compression pain can come from displaced disc material, misalignment of vertebrae, degeneration of disc resulting in nerve compression. While there can be other causes, these are among the more common.

Nerve irritation or facilitative nerve pain can come from nerves being chafed, stretched or irritated by bone or tight muscles. The human spine, with it’s 24 moveable vertebrae and complex network of muscles is a primary source of nerve irritation pain.

Identifying the cause is the first logical step in helping a patient get pain relief. Our successful treatment of nerve pain initially focuses on locating the true cause and exact location of nerve pain and restoring normal function to your spine, ending nerve pain and further complications.

Our Experienced Care is Advanced, Modern & Safe Care…

Nerve Pain Chiropractor RaleighAdvanced, Modern Computer-assisted chiropractic is gentle, proven safe and effective in helping patients with painful nerve problems.

This advanced care is gentle and unlike heavy manual chiropractic does not require twisting, popping or heavy pressure to sensitive vertebrae. Our advanced care can help restore spinal mobility and reduce muscle tension, both key factors in the nerve pain many patients experience.

You May Like to Know…

The causes of nerve pain are varied yet car accidents, work and sports injury are big factors. Emotional stress and hereditary spine problems can play a major role as well. Poor nutrition can even affect the musculoskeletal system and play a role as well.

Most patients know chiropractors don’t use drugs as part of their approach to healthcare and wellness, but few understand why!

Chiropractic training and care focuses on the body’s innate ability to heal itself. As a chiropractor in Raleigh I understand that a “properly prescribed” prescription drug may be necessary to help a patient or to ease a patient’s severe pain. My issues are not with a properly prescribed, necessary drug, my concern is when drugs are used recklessly and at the expense of wellness care. We simply can’t fix every health problem with a drug; and drug therapy almost always has serious side effects. Simply masking or covering pain with a drug may allow the underlying cause to worsen or become more serious.