Keeping It Natural Is Better

Even the healthiest patients are not immune to common ailments and the neighborhood “drugstore” has thousands of products that aren’t the best or safest.

When you get the feeling that you might be “coming down with something” there are some go to remedies and the top one is drinking fluids. Staying hydrated supports all body functions and most Americans don’t get enough good H2O. Soups and herbal teas especially ones with ginger and echinacea to boost the immune system. Getting some extra sleep to help the body is always a good front line defense.

As a long term allergy and sinus sufferer, I often talk to my patients about saline flush. Daily use of mild saline rinse is safe, effective and can help avoid the sinus blockage that for many patients results in secondary bacterial infections and the use of antibiotics. Saline has no contradictions and is a great benefit during pollen season, winter dryness and when you feel a cold coming on.

Sleep is good for what may be ailing you from sore muscles to common colds. Most Americans do not get enough quality sleep to begin with and forget the benefit of good sleep for sickness. The immune system depends on and must have adequate sleep to do its job. Older athletes soon learn that some extra sleep can ease joint and muscle pain from exercise and sports. Stay in the game, just give your body the rest it needs.

Another note about sleep. Disconnecting from all electronic devices at least one hour before bedtime is good on many levels. You’ll sleep better and wake up more refreshed. Lavender oil is an herb with benefits for sleep and anxiety. This essential oil can be placed in bath water or place a couple of drops on a cool night light bulb.

As a chiropractor I hear patients say they often take Aspirin or Advil for joint pain. Bad idea, especially long term. Turmeric is one of my favorite natural remedies to help control and manage inflammation. Curcumin works by inhibiting the bodys inflammatory response mediators. For many patients it works as well as NSAIDS, nonsteroid pain relievers and doesn’t have the severe side effects of NSAIDS.

Many Americans struggle with digestive issues and gut health is at the core of many serious health issues. Apple cider vinegar can play a beneficial role in helping gut health on many levels Helping build good gut bacteria, helping regulate blood sugar, stimulating digestive enzymes and even helping with heartburn are but a few of the benefits of apple cider vinegar. Mix a tablespoon of raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar in a glass of water twice daily.

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