Your Health Begins With Your Mind!

There’s something very powerful, very liberating when one decides to take responsibility for health into his own hands.  If the current status of health care in this country isn’t a concern for most Americans it should be.  Our multi-trillion dollar annual health cost reflects an economy busting, sickness driven health care industry that is unsustainable, treating illness with high tech drugs, high tech technology and very poor results.  We rank an abysmal 35th among industrialized countries.  This reality can be disheartening however it should inspire you to take responsibility for your health and you can  experience a huge improvement in the quality of your life.  There is nothing more rewarding, more liberating, more joyful than realizing you can make decisions that net big improvements in your health, both short and long term.

Step One:  “Food as medicine.”  You can reduce sugar and carbohydrates in you diet.  You can take high quality supplements.  You can eat more vegetables, fruit and nuts.  You can learn simple ways to prepare tasty, healthy meals and you can experience feeling better because you’re giving your body good food, not processed poison.

Step Two:  You can embrace holistic health care and benefit from massage, chiropractic, naturopathic care, acupuncture and discover that your body welcomes these forms of holistic care and rewards you with better health, more energy and more vitality.  Do we need good medical care?  Yes, but the best medical care, drugs, surgery, hospitalization is “for the procedure we don’t need,” because we are taking control of our health.

Step Three:  You can improve your mental outlook and have a more positive, healthy view of the world.  Watch less inflammatory television, avoid negative people, read good books, watch good movies.  Feed your mind and spirit good, positive thoughts. Meditate and take time to reflect!  There is much beauty in life and there is much turmoil.  When you’re in charge of your health you choose the positive and this may involve a big change in relationships, friends and many other aspects of life.  Nothing is worth sacrificing your health, your happiness your joy in living a full life.

Step Four:  Exercise for health and you will be rewarded 10x’s over.  There is a point in most healthy peoples lives when they recognize regular exercise is a small investment that pays big dividends.  It is worth every ounce of sweat and the improvement in your quality of life is priceless.  You not only get stronger physically, you get stronger mentally.

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