Find The Balance for Better Health

Rushing through the day has become a way of life for many Americans and it’s a quick way to rush toward poor health. Look around at people and it’s not really hard to see how many of us are on a treadmill from the am to pm. Where’s the quality of life, where’s the joy and what’s the point.

There’s tremendous pressure on everyone to have it all, keep up with the Jones and be a player. Most of us know instinctively that this is not a happy or healthy way to live ours. Truthfully, you can never have it all and if you’re really going to find joy in life you’ve got to let go of this crazy and very unhealthy notion.

Pause for just a few moments and think about how precious time is and what the things are that really matter to you the most. Your family, your friends, your health, and your happiness. When we fail to make a conscious effort to slow down our days become a blur and we think  “where does the time go”. Slow down and make time for your health, your family, your friends and remember,none of those things require big bucks, big cars or bigger toys.

Think about this process! We rush to get ready for a vacation, we rush to get there and rush to do everything we can on vacation and rush to get back and rush to get caught up. Wow, that sounds like fun.

There’s nothing wrong with self improvement as long as it isn’t all about doing more, more more. My definition of self improvement is focusing on better health, caring for one’s body and making time for the things that really matter. That’s easier said than done in a world that constantly perpetuates the image of a fulfilled  person as the “player” who has it all and does it all. That’s fantasy, that’s television.

There are guidelines to slowing down. Find time each day to disengage from technology and be one with your thoughts and nature. Sounds simple and yet its difficult for most of us to do. Accept that doing less can be more rewarding and satisfying than always feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.

Time for Reflection. We might do some multitasking here. If you disengage from technology briefly each day, begin thinking about the things that are really important, you may realize you are trying to do the impossible. There are only 24 hours in each day and no one escapes this reality. Use your time wisely go for a walk with your companion, find time to listen to your children, and you will soon discover many other things just aren’t that important even when they don’t get done.

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