Counting Calories Gets Old and So Does Dieting!

Apps galore more technology and obsessively counting calories will not only be a dead end street to stressville, it simply isn’t necessary. With some very simple guidelines, and a good dose of discipline you can enjoy food, and eat for better health, more energy and a fit body.

Generally speaking, the food industry could care less about your health! What they do care about is getting you hooked on bad foods and boy, have they done a good job. High fructose corn syrup, bad carbs, processed lifeless foods galore, and the more of this junk we eat, the more we crave the poison. Healthy food and a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean you can’t have a bowl of ice cream, a slice of pie, or Bojangles biscuit. If the server at Bojangles or McDonald’s knows you on a first name basis, chances are, you may want to rethink what you’re putting in your body.

I will discuss some simple guidelines to nourish your body, give you more energy and help you achieve a healthy BMI, but first let’s discuss the American diet and inflammation. The American diet plays a primary role in high cholesterol, heart disease type 2 diabetes and obesity. Regular consumption of alcohol, painkillers, antibiotics and processed food or any combination can inflame your gut. Your autoimmune system can become dysfunctional and that’s serious business. When the gut becomes inflamed, sodium and calcium enter surrounding cell causing “bloating” and compromises the mitochondria (energy center) making you feel sluggish. The biggest cause of inflammation is processed foods. Look at the shopping carts around you the next time you check out at the super market. You’ll see carts full of processed foods and when you see a cart with diet sodas and low calorie frozen entrees you’re seeing a sure fire way to increase inflammation. You’ll never get healthy eating this poison. Whole food, fruits, vegetables, nuts, healthy portions of fresh fish, antibiotic free meats will play a huge role in helping you eat for health, eat for more energy, eat for a healthy body and yes you can still have a pizza, just not as a mainstay of your nutritional needs.  To learn more contact our Chiropractic office in Raleigh today.

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