Chronic Headaches Chiropractor in Raleigh, NC

Identifying the True Cause of Your Headache Pain Is the Natural First Step to Recovery!

Drugging Headache Pain Isn’t the Answer….

Headache in Raleigh, NCOur unique approach to helping you centers on locating the true cause of your headaches. One of the most overlooked, yet common causes of chronic headaches is the abnormal alignment and movement of vertebrae in the neck, especially the upper neck where the skull rests on the top of your spine. Falls, work stress and poor posture can all be contributing factors in re-occurring headaches and once identified the true causes of headache pain can lead to successful treatment and relief.

Advanced, Safe Care for Headache Pain

Our modern computerized care uses gentle, safe impulses of energy to restore alignment, mobility and release pressure at the bone of your neck, a primary cause of headache. There is none of the forceful twisting or rotating of the neck with our advanced computer-assisted chiropractic care.

Helpful Information for Headache Sufferers

Headache Care in RaleighMyth: Drugs can cure headaches. This is a myth and most patients get little long-term relief from drugs.

Fact: Headache drugs have side effects, many quite serious.

Modern Chiropractic Care is very safe in treating spine related headaches.

Fact: Chiropractic Physicians are trained to identify and treat musculoskeletal spine problems that are the underlying cause of many chronic headaches.

Understanding the Origin of Frequent Headaches

All of the following can alter the alignment of your spine and trigger headaches.

✓    Work Stress
✓    Sports Injury
✓    Childhood falls
✓    Nutritional Stress
✓    Whiplash
✓    Fallen arches in your feet
Chiropractor for Headaches in Raleigh✓    Scoliosis
✓    Poor Posture
✓    Long-Term Computer Work
✓    Emotional Stress
✓    Poor bedding & Pillows
✓    Relationship Stress