NuLean Weight Loss Cleanse

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NuLean Weight Loss Cleanse

Lose 7 pounds in 7 days with NuLean

A NuLean Cleansed Body is a Slim and Healthy Body

An independent Medical Study showed that after only one week of doing the NuLean system:

  • The average person lost 7.5 pounds
  • The average combined total inches lost per person (weight, chest, hips, abdomen) was 7.63 inches.
  • Average glucose measurement per person dropped by 3.7%
  • Average total cholesterol per person dropped by 5%
  • The average loss in triglycerides per person was 19.3%
  • The average loss in fat was 3.02%


            The NuLean Weight Loss Cleanse naturally cleanses the body of toxins. Over 70 life-enhancing nutrients and herbs promote detoxification and weight loss. Its gentle on the body and energy boosting. You will lose pounds and the cleanse helps the weight stay off.


I’m Raleigh, NC Chiropractor, Dr. Chris Johnson, more than 70% of Americans are overweight, and everyone seems to be on a diet, but the sad truth is that 95% of diets fail.

The NuLean Weight Loss Cleanse works because it specifically targets and eliminates the very reason 95% of diets fail, which is fat cell toxicity. It’s a medical fact environmental toxins, processed food and constant exposure to man made chemicals is bad for our health and bad for our weight.

The NuLean Program is NOT for everyone! It may sound crazy but there are some who will wait for the next diet gimmick or even resort to dangerous prescription drugs or surgery.weight loss and healthy lifestyle in Raleigh

If you want a natural, safe, and lasting weight loss lifestyle system that immediately boosts your energy, helps burn fat, controls your cravings, gets you exercising and allows you to eat good, healthy food the the NuLean Program can help you succeed and empower you to stay healthy. Who doesn’t want to feel good, have more energy and who doesnt like to hear a friend or loved one say “you look great.”


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